Saturday, August 29, 2015

Week 7 (Friday) - Sight Word List 2 & SImple Maths practise

Friday, I recapped the HYPY with my gal, still on the same "bo" sound that blends with the different 'sound'. She can better tell me when it is blended, what sound is it? I tried to focus more on the end sound than on the 4 different tone.
Afterwhich, I took out the Maths template and did simple revision. I gave her 3 2-digit numbers and she have to add or subtract accordingly and also try to spell it. Seems not bad as I can focus a bit on my boy as she do her sums quietly.

My boy started off with Phonics assessment. Seems to be a bit mixed up with 'at' & 'et' and also 'an' & 'en'. I need to keep sounding out the alphabets individually and blend them to let him hear it. Only then he is able to differentiate. Does anyone have any suggestions on how could I further explain or sound them?

Then we move on to Sight Word List 2. List 1 took us a long 1 month along with Phonics practise. He is able to sound simple 3 or 4 letter word as well as sight words from List 1. There are also some frequent words that we read from the storybooks that he can read even though they were not from List 1. Good Job. Out of List 2, he can already read 1/3 of the cards. So I try to take it slow and start on this 3 more frequent and confusing words for him as it is not able to sound using Phonics.

I have also made some word spinners that I am sharing my template here. Here are some pics of how I used them as 'Busy Bag' activities when we are out for meals or coffee. Have fun implementing your own creativity as the usage is limitless.

For the Maths Sum template, you can download them here
For the Maths Spinner template, you can download them here
For the Empty Spinner template, you can download here

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