Monday, August 10, 2015

National Day Long Weekend

This week we had a super long weekend. So I tried to let the kids relax and enjoy since they do not have any homework from school. But on my side, I tried to prep my gal for her Spelling on Wednesday and also more reinforcement on my boy's word families. 

I bring his mini booklets out, and I can see that he can faster write and sound out, with minimal guidance. Starting to get the hang of it. So we went thru AM, AN & AP on his Phonics Book 2's activity. Can finish up well and confidently. 

My gal was faster in grasping her spelling with some mixed-up over "sharp" and "shark". Overall, was still good cos she got it after having the spelling twice from me. And I also did a "Days of the week" booklet for her as she mentioned she want to do something similar to my boy's word family. It consists of the cut-out letters of the days, supposed to stick day by day and write & draw something about it. Quite fun in her sense.

I also did up a simple Sight Word list, for bringing out to read, as well as a mini Phonics Word Family list for training him to read fluently too. 1 more sigh word reader as well, this time he got it right for his first attempt. Good job!

Sight Word List - dwl from here
Days of the week booklet, dwl from here

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