Thursday, August 27, 2015

Kids and their Busy Bags

My kids are excited about the busy bags but "evil" mummy kept them all and slowly give 1 by 1. Realised that the kids really treasure them as I will take back the bags after a stated time frame is allowed on the bag.

Busy Bag #1 - Crack it, Cook it, Flip it

This is the only busy bag that was given after the exchange on Sunday. Apparently til today, its still their fav playtime activity. (The only bag I allow them to HAVE it)

They tried to flip it and by now, both kids can successfully FLIP it. But of cos not 100% success rate. They use the pan for frying their cooking toys as well. Having loads of fun using the tongs to pick up "food" and small pieces of lego bricks as "ingredients" too... 

Busy Bag #2 - Geo Board & Shapes

Both the kids had fun drawing cards, memorising the shape as well as the "size" and fix the shape. My 6Y gal can remembered after glancing like less than 1min. But not so easy for my boy, mostly he had to look at the card and could only managed to do the shape. Despite explaining a few times, he still dont really understand. But its ok as it was their first contact last weekend with it. Will attempt again!

Afterwhich, my gal had free play while my boy played with the rubberbands. She made a roof and a house below. Creative play!

Busy Bag #3 - Pizza

Today is their 1st time with this Pizza game. My gal had her chance while we were out for breakfast. She even did fancy faces, stacking of ingredients in sequence etc. Seems like a lot of ways to play with this pizza..

Then she told her bro about it and he has been nagging to play. So after dinner, both had 30mins to play the Pizza together. My boy was thrilled and both jus grab the "pan", "pizza base", "crust" and start piling ingredients. Both competing and showing daddy whose is the BEST!

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