Thursday, August 20, 2015

A PEEK into our Learning Folder (5Y boy)

Today we didnt really have any lesson. So the kids watched a movie on HBO - The Avengers. Afterwhich we had french toast for tea break. They then find their own activities by drawing together. 

Then my boy took his dice and started doing addition on his own. Good job in his addition speed.

Then I went busy to organize my Learning materials to see what I have on hand, what I can use and what I have use. Ha~ So here you go....

My cover page

My Sight Word Assessment checklist & word list

My Sight Word Game

Sight Word Worksheet

Sight Word Activities Folder

A-Z & Sight Word Writing Practise

Phonics Worksheet

Phonics Word Family Slider & Sound Offices

Phonics Blends & Word/Letter tiles

Phonics Activity Folder (In progress/Not attempted)

Phonics Activity Folder (Completed)

Here is what we have done, doing at the moment and plan to complete by year end. Along with lots of reading of level 1 books! Hope you enjoy.

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