Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Week 12 - Base Ten & Place Value (Tuesday)

Today I still continue Maths for my boy, need lots of revision for him in terms of Numbers within 20. Anything after that, he is only 70% sure of it so need LOTS of revision. I decided to incorporate with Base 10 Blocks and slowly let him know by looking at the blocks, he can recognize and know what number it represents.

I borrowed this 2 books at the library, Place Value is good for visual aids in teaching my boy and the Maths Sums is good for my gal to practise Reading, Writing and also Maths. 3 "birds" with 1 stone. And while she is at it, I can focus on my boy temporarily.

He can recognise them well, and match the correct Base 10 blocks to the correct number. But when addition in a "tricky" manner, he still don't really get the concept. I need to reinforce the concept and explain to him.

Before we started our lesson, we packed our Children's Day gift. Have you prep yours?

Weekend Learning Fun - Decoding Sight Words

Over the weekend, I changed my "materials" to entertain them while waiting during mealtimes or our kopi time. Bring out this set of Valentine Theme Decoding Sight Word cards. 

My boy wasnt so enthu though. My gal is having fun. Think anything to do with writing, he isnt so fond of doing. 

Ended up both drew a picture after finishing decoding the cards. 

To supplement my boy's Sight Word learning, I DIY my set of decodable cards. 1 thing I really like is that this activity allows their brain to think and practise their Letter Sounds. And using visual, they might be able to learn to spell the words and then remember how to read it. 

Here's them having some fun decoding Mummy's set of Decoding cards. And this week's new words to remember and learn!

Decoding Sight Word, download here for Set 2
Decoding Sight Word, download here for Set 3

Monday, September 28, 2015

Week 12 - 5 & 10 Frame & 我们学写华语字! (Monday)

Today we revise 5 & 10 Frames. I DIY-ed my own 5 & 10 Frames card, with a recording sheet that he needs to write down his answers. 

He draws a card, then tell me the number. Afterwhich, he needs to know how many more to make 5 or 10. 

He then place the counter on his "Frames" then write the mathematical sums. Eg: 4 + 1 = 5 Then continue doing the rest.

Seems ok but after a while he lost concentration. Alamak. Need to build on his concentration very much. We did 4 sums for each addition then call it a day. He took around an hour just to "focus" and finish up while my gal completed her sets of Maths material in like 20mins.

At night, I make used of my new Chinese Word magnets. Happen to see this Magnetic Printing sheet from Daiso. Wow! I was happy and laugh til mouth open big big lo. 

I tried and printed a sheet. Simple 30-40 chinese words, those simpler and freq words. Will use them for writing on their Magnetic Whiteboard sheet. 

Today my gal did 爸爸妈妈姐姐妹妹哥哥弟弟. Will continue to practise them til she can write without refering. 

For my boy, simple 一二三四五. Considered not bad la.

5 & 10 Frame Templates, download here
Chinese Word Template, download here

Friday, September 25, 2015

Week 11 - Word Wall Activity (Friday)

After dinner, I took out the Word Wall folder that I prepare previously. Got the kids to sort the 220 sight words that they can read and stick to their personal Word Wall folder. 

My gal went thru half the list and is tired. So I told her jus complete what she has sorted and finish up on another day.

My boy sorted those I place for him and attempt to read before I allow him to stick. To ensure that he can read and recognise before claiming his "rights" to the words. 

Out of 220 words, he could read 80 of them. The remaining ones I kept it for another to complete with my girl. Its quite fun, really.

If you are keen, this is where I download the template for the Word Wall.

Week 11 - Interactive Sight Word Journal (Friday)

Still focusing on my boy's Number order. Thursday was a bad 'Hazy' day thus we went out for Breakfast and Lunch and some shopping, we came home around 3pm and hide in air con with purifier on.
I decided to make use of the 2hours before I prep dinner to go thru my gal's Chinese Spelling as well as a simple reading with my boy and the follow-up activities that comes along with it. The materials was loan by a nice mummy, her blog is here.
My boy did a few rounds of ordering the numbers from 2 numbers, to 3 numbers and then to 5 numbers and finally he can place the numbers 1-20 in order for me! Great job!! Think I will keep focusing on his Number order as he doesn't seems to have much problem with his adding or subtracting as he understand the use of 'working' to help to find the answers to the sums.

Today was 'no-school' day, seld-declared as school is still open but without formal classes so I kept both at home. I let them idle and play thru the morning and start my lessons as usual, shortly after lunch.
I prepare and DIY this interactive Sight word journal. Quite fun as they will sort the sight words in numbers of letters, flip & read then write the words, forming sentences. Finally they have an option to colour or not to colour after completing. Intend to use the work to re-enforce the words for 1 week then change another set of words the following week. Lets trial and error.
Both start off by sticking all the pages, then date and day. After which, start off to read, flip over flap and write the words once. I have enough space for them to come back to read and write again twice too!
Then will sort the words into correct 'backpack' with the correct number of letters in the words.

Finally to construct 1 sentence each with the 6 new sight words. For my 6Y she can use my sentences that my boy is using for copying as a guide. As my boy isn't that good in knowing many words, I construct and read with him, trying to use as much words that he knows into the sentences for practice as well.

Here is their work!
(Left belongs to my boy
Right belongs to my girl, she takes a lot of pride to colour after completing)

(Top : my boy
Bottom : my girl )

(Top : my boy
Bottom : my girl )


Keen to have the above activity with your kid, here is the link for download.
Black & White, click here
Colour, click here


Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Week 11 - Number Order (Wednesday)

Today I decided to use my new DIY template that I gotten the idea from Doodlebugs Teaching which I decided to customised to my kids' learning needs.
My 6Y is more advanced so I did slightly bigger numbers and venturing to the low 100s. My boy isn't that great with his number sense so I did 1 set of smaller number within 20s, 2 sets of Skip counting in 2s and 5s. (which the 5s will come in handy when he starts to learn the minute hands)
I started off with simple explaination of Least = Less and Great = More, using single digit to show examples and got them to write down in their mini whiteboard. OK, idea was wonderful for my girl as she grasp and started off to her activity. Idea didn't go that well, I wonder is it because he cant visualise the numbers. So I let him try the set with numbers within 20s.

It did works well for a while, with my 6Y progressing to the 2nd set of activity which involves some addition or subtraction sums. My boy is still struggling. And he starts having trouble after 20 as he isn't that "good" with his numbers which needs more drill and practise.
I took out the DIY Base blocks that I did previously. I compare the blocks, sorting out the same ones, asking him to count the balance (which will left with smaller numbers) to decided ultimately which is bigger and smaller. He got it but still....... (his attention span is still very SHORT)

Nonetheless, it works very well with my girl and she is doing a lot better which is a consolation to me at least. For my boy, I need to work hard and harder! Below are the 2 sets of the DIY printables I made.
1st set: It comes with 6 sets of numbers. As I mentioned above, there is 3 sets specifically for those starting out with Numbers, (1) within 20s, (2) Counting in 2s and (3) Counting in 5s. The child will arrange the number as per the board from (1) Least to Greatest or (2) Greatest to Least.

2nd set:  It comes with 4 sets of Mathematical sums in 4 different groups. 2 for my K2 and 2 sets which is within 20s for my K1. What the child need to do is to finish the sum, record the answers on the small cards. Finally to arrange them in the order from (1) Least to Greatest or (2) Greatest to Least. Simple as that.
On Tuesday, We did simple counting and Revision on Addition and also counting on Base Blocks for my 5Y. This is what we did.
For my girl, She already started to do problem sums (which I told her from next exercise onwards, she need to answer in sentence which I think will be good for practising sentence constructing). After that on Time, Greater and Lesser as well as the Number Order.

To download the link for Number Order Template, here it is.