Friday, September 25, 2015

Week 11 - Interactive Sight Word Journal (Friday)

Still focusing on my boy's Number order. Thursday was a bad 'Hazy' day thus we went out for Breakfast and Lunch and some shopping, we came home around 3pm and hide in air con with purifier on.
I decided to make use of the 2hours before I prep dinner to go thru my gal's Chinese Spelling as well as a simple reading with my boy and the follow-up activities that comes along with it. The materials was loan by a nice mummy, her blog is here.
My boy did a few rounds of ordering the numbers from 2 numbers, to 3 numbers and then to 5 numbers and finally he can place the numbers 1-20 in order for me! Great job!! Think I will keep focusing on his Number order as he doesn't seems to have much problem with his adding or subtracting as he understand the use of 'working' to help to find the answers to the sums.

Today was 'no-school' day, seld-declared as school is still open but without formal classes so I kept both at home. I let them idle and play thru the morning and start my lessons as usual, shortly after lunch.
I prepare and DIY this interactive Sight word journal. Quite fun as they will sort the sight words in numbers of letters, flip & read then write the words, forming sentences. Finally they have an option to colour or not to colour after completing. Intend to use the work to re-enforce the words for 1 week then change another set of words the following week. Lets trial and error.
Both start off by sticking all the pages, then date and day. After which, start off to read, flip over flap and write the words once. I have enough space for them to come back to read and write again twice too!
Then will sort the words into correct 'backpack' with the correct number of letters in the words.

Finally to construct 1 sentence each with the 6 new sight words. For my 6Y she can use my sentences that my boy is using for copying as a guide. As my boy isn't that good in knowing many words, I construct and read with him, trying to use as much words that he knows into the sentences for practice as well.

Here is their work!
(Left belongs to my boy
Right belongs to my girl, she takes a lot of pride to colour after completing)

(Top : my boy
Bottom : my girl )

(Top : my boy
Bottom : my girl )


Keen to have the above activity with your kid, here is the link for download.
Black & White, click here
Colour, click here


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