Monday, September 28, 2015

Week 12 - 5 & 10 Frame & 我们学写华语字! (Monday)

Today we revise 5 & 10 Frames. I DIY-ed my own 5 & 10 Frames card, with a recording sheet that he needs to write down his answers. 

He draws a card, then tell me the number. Afterwhich, he needs to know how many more to make 5 or 10. 

He then place the counter on his "Frames" then write the mathematical sums. Eg: 4 + 1 = 5 Then continue doing the rest.

Seems ok but after a while he lost concentration. Alamak. Need to build on his concentration very much. We did 4 sums for each addition then call it a day. He took around an hour just to "focus" and finish up while my gal completed her sets of Maths material in like 20mins.

At night, I make used of my new Chinese Word magnets. Happen to see this Magnetic Printing sheet from Daiso. Wow! I was happy and laugh til mouth open big big lo. 

I tried and printed a sheet. Simple 30-40 chinese words, those simpler and freq words. Will use them for writing on their Magnetic Whiteboard sheet. 

Today my gal did 爸爸妈妈姐姐妹妹哥哥弟弟. Will continue to practise them til she can write without refering. 

For my boy, simple 一二三四五. Considered not bad la.

5 & 10 Frame Templates, download here
Chinese Word Template, download here

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