Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Week 9 - Learning for Sep Holiday Part 1

Last week we never had much learning done, a bit done here and there thus I didnt really update. (Daddy still recuperating, Lil boy caught the fever bug)

This week, I DIYed 2 sets of Learning kit. 1 for Sight Words and 1 for Phonics Blends. It was a tedious process and on top of that, I am in the midst of clearing the kids' books, stationeries etc, as well as my storeroom. So among all the mess, this are what we have done so far..

The sight word kit includes dice, whiteboard markers, 220 sight word tiles. For my 5Y, its more on putting the magnetic sight word tiles and getting him to read and practise. Afterwhich I sorted them into "Learnt" & "New" and I sort out the Colour & Number word tiles too. 

I even use the colour coded word tiles for maths too. Addition and Subtraction. Dice can be used as well.

For my 6Y, its more on sentence forming. And she used the Blank Spinner and write random alphabets. The alphabets that she "spin", she will find a word tiles or form a word that begins with it. Good initiative!

At night, both kids get to enjoy Sticker acitivity to be creative and personalised their own box! 

I also go thru with my 5Y on A-Word families yesterday as well as E-Word families today. Get him to read the word family then do a speed reading on whichever combination that I wrote on the board. Most are 3-letter words and he did well! 

After doing the Sight Word kit, I worked on a Phonics Blend kit. I loved it as my gal used it for spelling fun too. And I can showed my boy the different combination of sounds the word make when we replace the first alphabet with another to the same word family. Good for on the move!

Today we went library on a playdate with my gal's classmate cum Teaching ideas sourcing with Mumy Sherryl. Fun to see how they "interact", especially among the boys. (Mummy Sherryl's boy is 4Y, 1Y younger than mine)

And back home before mummy start her mad mess sorting the house. They both did 4pages of assessment. An idea shared by Mummy Sherryl to try and do 3-5 pages of assessment per day!

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