Thursday, July 30, 2015

Week 3 - Reading with Word Family readers (Thursday)

I borrowed this set of Word Families reader from my mummy fren. She printed this previously from Just google for Word Families reader and you should be able to find it.

Since I only intro AT, AM and AN recently, I decided to try the readers for this. My boy could easily read the AT reader. Minimal reminder on the AT sound. 

When it comes to AM, he need repeated reminder for the AM sound. I did the activity twice, then we took a break. After which, we use the Word Family Slider that I prepare previously from MakeTakeTeach blog. Just google cos I don't usually keep links. 

My boy was thrilled to use it. I did a revision after their cartoon break. He can read the AM reader better. Then I leave the Word Family slider folder to the kids. They each took out 1 word family slider and slowly attempt to read. 

This is a fun way to reinforce the learning so far. Give it a try!

I took out my List of Sight word, use the phonics sounding method for some 3-4 letters word. Not bad, I could see the improvement. See the words circled in ORANGE and guess how thrilled I am.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Week 3 - Fun with Alpha & Sentence forming (Wednesday)

Cos of his "nonsense" yesterday, I decided to practise Alphabets writing in another way. I print this Alphabets Writing Practice and it comes with some Sight Words. 1 Stone kills 2 Birds le! Worksheets can be found on Just search under Writing - Alphabets. There will be a lot of varieties, just choose what is suitable for u.

I can practise writing, intro new words and lastly, I got him to form sentences with the new words he learnt today. Tell me what he forms and I spell unfamiliar words for him. Not bad. Quite fun.

After the lesson, reward them with a movie on Disney Chanel. Had their tea break snack and then I did a short learning for him. I buy transparencies as reusable writing sheet. He draw the magnetic uppercase alphabets and writes the lowercase alphabets on it.

Then we went back to revise what he wrote for the Sentence forming as well as the new words learnt. Not bad tho he needed some prompt.

Week 3 - More sight words learning (Tuesday)

Today we did a Sight Word Hunt. Lovely mummy helped me get the magnifying glass from Daiso as I kept either forgetting it or couldnt find it. Ha~

Finally I can put the Sight Word Hunt to use. Just google and type "Sight Word Hunt" and you will see many templates. Download the one that us suitable and print it for some fun time. 

My kids search for the words, ticked it. Afterwhich I tried to teach him to read it and then write it once. Not really gonna imposed much spelling on him but at least some handwriting practise.

I was going thru the Spelling for my gal and thus I did a surprise Spelling for my boy as well. Asked him to spell some of the sight words he knew - Rayshon, he, the, she, that, his, of, all, at, it & had. But the terrible part, I asked him to write "Rayshon can see". He make my blood pressure goes UP UP and UP. He writes "c" for "see"!!! Plus the a-z was all mixed up in wrong directions!

In the end, punishment for him. He writes A-Z in upper and lower case. Haiz... Stressful day of 40mins lesson!

Monday, July 27, 2015

New teaching "dice"

DIY a new teaching aid as I didnt want to pay so much for buying it. Yes, stingy. Then I stumbled upon this Foam cube at Daiso. I thought to myself that I could wrap it up and then maybe make "slots" for sliding word cards or so. Then, I saw this - Adhesive Whiteboard marker sheet! Great!

This idea was brainstormed with my gal's classmate mummy. She has a lot of teachibg ideas that she will discuss, share and teach me selflessly. Grateful to her that I can have this interesting teaching tool! Thank you Sherryl. Here is the link to her blog.

Over the weekend I didnt had time to do it. So once I got home from the kids' playdate, I immediately sat down and do it. In less than 10mins, I managed to do up the 2 cubes. Here you go!

I used it to teach the new 6 Sight Words last week. My boy roll the dice, match to the sight word cards, read and then write it down. Good job boy! 

Then I used it to teach the spelling list for this week to my K2 gal. Roll, read and try to write it. She did find it fun... 

After that, she did a Simple Noun & Verb activity. She is not very confident and clear yet. But since we had a busy day, I shall reinforce another day on this for her. 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Week 2 - Phonics & Sight Word Journey

This week we continued our learning journey - focusing on Phonics & Sight Word for my K1 boy and Grammar for my K2 gal.

Monday - We did simple copy writing for my boy as the school are prepping them for learning to copy for whiteboard. There will be some copying of work done in Primary school thus the prep. As for my gal, I reinforce the use of dictionary to help in checking spelling of word, checking of meaning etc. Encourage her to do her assessment and use the dictionary to find words that she can't spell. Both did a good job!

Tuesday - I did Beginning Letter Sound activity for my boy. Get him to circle the correct picture that begins with the correct letter. After completing, he will try to find out the beginning letter sound of the rest of the pictures. My gal also had a small try at the activity and she can do it better, even without help. After which, she did some assessment on Countable and Uncontable Nouns on the usage of a, an, many, much, a little and a few. 

Wednesday - I used the Read, Build & Write map. Encourage my boy by adding in 3 more words from Sight Word List 1. Got him to read, form the words with the alphabet tiles and then writing it. He was good. After that 30mins, he was able to remember the spelling of that, all and up! Very good!

My gal did Singular and Plural activity. Learning when to add s or es. Need more activities to reinforce. 

Thursday - Today we went out for lunch thus decided to have a REST day. They had a try at the Funny Faces activity. Had loads of fun cos they saw the activity but didn't get to play!

Beginning Letter Sound activity - printed from here
Sight Word List - printed from here
Read, Build & Write map - printed from here
Singular & Plural activity - printed from here

Friday, July 17, 2015

Phonics - Introduction Week

July 13, 2015
Today I started introducing letter sounds, with the aid of YouTube video. Search Jolly Phonics and they have a song for each letter and the way it sounds. Very catchy songs! I played it for 3 times for my kids. Apparently my K2 gal knows all the sounds except 2 or 3 that she wasn't sure of. My K1 boy isn't so good at it though. (Must be playing hard when teacher is teaching) 

After listening, I actually planned to have a go from a-g on the Phonics assessment book that I got. My boy wasn't sure of d. He mixed it up with b quite often and can't really remember d sound so I stopped at d. Will revise again tml when we go for e-g. Should make sure each letter sounds is remembered before progressing to make it successful.

Basically I sound out each picture and get my boy to tell me the beginning sound. So far ok. Except for d! So, let's take it slowly step by step.

I printed out the song lyrics by searching for images on Pinterest. Shall not share it as all copyrighted. You can google and print it for your own personal use. Sorry!

July 14-16, 2015

For the rest of the week, I loan DVDs from the library and supplement with some Phonics Lvl 1 books, Word Family Storybooks (eg: AM, ED, AT Family etc) I got him to read at the same time, incorporating Phonics and Sight word together.

For the Word-family books, I tried to intro the sounds of the words like 'at' and encourage my boy to guess the pronunciation of the word. It sort of reminded him how it sounded the 1st time I read the book to him. We can say it was at least a 50% success! All the books were from the library and you don't have to spend any money.

As for the DVD, I personally like the 'ROCK & LEARN' range. I haven played the other DVD tho, but the storyline, songs as well as a mini 'game' was done at the end of each learning session, I think it was really useful. I can see my boy attempting to guess the words and with each word he got it RIGHT, I could see the shimmer in his eyes. A great milestone to me!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Taken aback moment: K2 English (Noun) homework

Last Friday, as usual routine we were trying to finish up their weekend homework before getting reading for their Chinese Enrichment class. I was 'ashamed' as I need to google before I could give an  answer to my gal's homework. 

For once, I went back and forth on my answers as well. I am sos so confused. I google on web and it tells me Noun : Name of place, person, thing. To my understanding a name you call someone or a thing right? Then I tried referring to the kids' dictionary then realized that with (s) it's plural so means no longer noun or it's still noun. That's where I went back and forth. Told my gal that without 's' and it's a 'NAME' means noun. But whether with 's', you need to check with Teacher is it still noun. Anyone can enlighten me?

Always love to find for activities at this and as I tried to find some activity to practice, I suddenly realized I got this set of Filefolder Activity half done in June. Took it out and start preparing my way. Alongside I printed 3 Phonics Activity too. Am gonna start Letter Sounds then slowly to Word Family.

If you are reading my blog and you have great ideas, tips, or materials that can help me. Please comment or email me at Greatly appreciated!

Will come back and feedback their learning process. 

To download Noun Filefolder, click here.
To download Phonics Word Family - at, an, am, en, click here
To download Phonics Pencil, click here
To download Phonics Crayons, click here