Monday, July 27, 2015

New teaching "dice"

DIY a new teaching aid as I didnt want to pay so much for buying it. Yes, stingy. Then I stumbled upon this Foam cube at Daiso. I thought to myself that I could wrap it up and then maybe make "slots" for sliding word cards or so. Then, I saw this - Adhesive Whiteboard marker sheet! Great!

This idea was brainstormed with my gal's classmate mummy. She has a lot of teachibg ideas that she will discuss, share and teach me selflessly. Grateful to her that I can have this interesting teaching tool! Thank you Sherryl. Here is the link to her blog.

Over the weekend I didnt had time to do it. So once I got home from the kids' playdate, I immediately sat down and do it. In less than 10mins, I managed to do up the 2 cubes. Here you go!

I used it to teach the new 6 Sight Words last week. My boy roll the dice, match to the sight word cards, read and then write it down. Good job boy! 

Then I used it to teach the spelling list for this week to my K2 gal. Roll, read and try to write it. She did find it fun... 

After that, she did a Simple Noun & Verb activity. She is not very confident and clear yet. But since we had a busy day, I shall reinforce another day on this for her. 

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