Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Teaching Sight Words - Week 2 (Recap & Lesson 2) and Sentence Constructing

With 2 days of using the mini book, I didn't create or give anything else extra as I do not want to confused my boy. Main thing he should slowly learn and pick up the words as I go along with him.
So to recapped what I taught last week, I do up a mini practise 4-page book for him to write down what new words was taught. The practise is to see how many words he can remember and if he can spell them. It is not a big deal if he cant spell as main purpose of my aim is to see that he can recognise the words when he sees them. And gradually he will be able to spell them. So if you are following my lesson plans, just assist the child should they cant spell by spelling it out loud for them to let them write it down. You can also train their listening skills with this practise too.

He could identify the 8 new words by himself. Without me speling for him. Its a great milestone for myself! Hahaha~

He can answer the question "Who are you?" In written form but I need to spell "am" as he kept writing "I m xxxx"

He can write "I m 5" which is good enuf and wont push him to write "years old". I dont want to push it til he feels intimidated. Start slow as he doesnt love to WRITE!

As for this week, the new words I am introducing are: Are, Where and Who, along with 4 opposite words: Big, Small, Up and Down. I create a simple story of children on see-saw, comparing apple and cherries. And with the addition of Aeroplane and Boat to further explain on the opposites of Up and Down.

Just another simple story to further encourage the confidence to attempt to read as I can see that my boy is happy and excited to read the 1st mini book that I have created. I can see he feels the sense of achievement in able to read it. Good Job and lets keep it up!

He did exercises like matching the Opposites for Big-Small and Down-Up. He drew pictures as well. He says its Small Lychee on a tree with Big Apples in a box. 

As for my older girl, in K2 this year, I decided to introduce some "thinking skills' by jumbling words of a sentence and let her place it in order. With this activity, I target 2 areas. First, the ability to recognise the words and put them in order to form a sentence. Second, to encourage her creativity by giving her all the words to see if she can create new sentences that I didn't think of when I was creating the activity for her. And with each new sentence, she can practise her handwriting and also her "spacing" in writing sentences as she writes down each new sentence. Isn't that 1 stone kill 2 birds?

For 30mins session, she managed to do this few sentences, I would say not bad for a first. Will let her practise more on this activity. Train their thinking skills.

After having their learning session, they get to eat the home-made popsicle that they made together.

Hope you have fun playing and bonding with your little ones.

To download Sight Words Template, click here
To download Jumbled-up Words Activity, click here

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