Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Week 3 - Fun with Alpha & Sentence forming (Wednesday)

Cos of his "nonsense" yesterday, I decided to practise Alphabets writing in another way. I print this Alphabets Writing Practice and it comes with some Sight Words. 1 Stone kills 2 Birds le! Worksheets can be found on Just search under Writing - Alphabets. There will be a lot of varieties, just choose what is suitable for u.

I can practise writing, intro new words and lastly, I got him to form sentences with the new words he learnt today. Tell me what he forms and I spell unfamiliar words for him. Not bad. Quite fun.

After the lesson, reward them with a movie on Disney Chanel. Had their tea break snack and then I did a short learning for him. I buy transparencies as reusable writing sheet. He draw the magnetic uppercase alphabets and writes the lowercase alphabets on it.

Then we went back to revise what he wrote for the Sentence forming as well as the new words learnt. Not bad tho he needed some prompt.

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