Friday, July 17, 2015

Phonics - Introduction Week

July 13, 2015
Today I started introducing letter sounds, with the aid of YouTube video. Search Jolly Phonics and they have a song for each letter and the way it sounds. Very catchy songs! I played it for 3 times for my kids. Apparently my K2 gal knows all the sounds except 2 or 3 that she wasn't sure of. My K1 boy isn't so good at it though. (Must be playing hard when teacher is teaching) 

After listening, I actually planned to have a go from a-g on the Phonics assessment book that I got. My boy wasn't sure of d. He mixed it up with b quite often and can't really remember d sound so I stopped at d. Will revise again tml when we go for e-g. Should make sure each letter sounds is remembered before progressing to make it successful.

Basically I sound out each picture and get my boy to tell me the beginning sound. So far ok. Except for d! So, let's take it slowly step by step.

I printed out the song lyrics by searching for images on Pinterest. Shall not share it as all copyrighted. You can google and print it for your own personal use. Sorry!

July 14-16, 2015

For the rest of the week, I loan DVDs from the library and supplement with some Phonics Lvl 1 books, Word Family Storybooks (eg: AM, ED, AT Family etc) I got him to read at the same time, incorporating Phonics and Sight word together.

For the Word-family books, I tried to intro the sounds of the words like 'at' and encourage my boy to guess the pronunciation of the word. It sort of reminded him how it sounded the 1st time I read the book to him. We can say it was at least a 50% success! All the books were from the library and you don't have to spend any money.

As for the DVD, I personally like the 'ROCK & LEARN' range. I haven played the other DVD tho, but the storyline, songs as well as a mini 'game' was done at the end of each learning session, I think it was really useful. I can see my boy attempting to guess the words and with each word he got it RIGHT, I could see the shimmer in his eyes. A great milestone to me!

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