Thursday, July 23, 2015

Week 2 - Phonics & Sight Word Journey

This week we continued our learning journey - focusing on Phonics & Sight Word for my K1 boy and Grammar for my K2 gal.

Monday - We did simple copy writing for my boy as the school are prepping them for learning to copy for whiteboard. There will be some copying of work done in Primary school thus the prep. As for my gal, I reinforce the use of dictionary to help in checking spelling of word, checking of meaning etc. Encourage her to do her assessment and use the dictionary to find words that she can't spell. Both did a good job!

Tuesday - I did Beginning Letter Sound activity for my boy. Get him to circle the correct picture that begins with the correct letter. After completing, he will try to find out the beginning letter sound of the rest of the pictures. My gal also had a small try at the activity and she can do it better, even without help. After which, she did some assessment on Countable and Uncontable Nouns on the usage of a, an, many, much, a little and a few. 

Wednesday - I used the Read, Build & Write map. Encourage my boy by adding in 3 more words from Sight Word List 1. Got him to read, form the words with the alphabet tiles and then writing it. He was good. After that 30mins, he was able to remember the spelling of that, all and up! Very good!

My gal did Singular and Plural activity. Learning when to add s or es. Need more activities to reinforce. 

Thursday - Today we went out for lunch thus decided to have a REST day. They had a try at the Funny Faces activity. Had loads of fun cos they saw the activity but didn't get to play!

Beginning Letter Sound activity - printed from here
Sight Word List - printed from here
Read, Build & Write map - printed from here
Singular & Plural activity - printed from here

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