Sunday, November 8, 2015

Week 17 - Going SLOW with various activities

This week lil boy caught the Stomach Flu virus from my recovering gal over the weekend. Started vomitting on sun nite. Went GP on mon and still continue to vomit despite the med. We were all so worried as lil boy aldy couldnt eat well and still vomit after every meal. Poor him. So again, lessons were on hold for 2 days while I let my gal learn her Spelling and do some light crafts.

Wednesday lil boy was better so we did assessment book. 4 pages for him and her, learn her Spelling which she missed last week from school. Both can complete the assessment with minimal help. Great independence from all the harsh teachings. Ha~ 

Thursday, they did threading of beads as my gal wanna do some bracelet. So they spent the afternoon threading away. Good training for my boy as he always seems lacking in Motor skills. Cant even 'button' his own shirt or should I say LAZY?!? 

Friday, I was feeling down. (Yes, lately been not so well) So i didnt do their homework for the weekend. Left it for weekend to complete. They had a free afternoon for play. Lil boy and gal engrossed with Lego the whole afternoon. Creative play. At night, lil boy was building a tall tower with his blocks. The best investment ever, the blocks are lasting and durable. 

Saturday, we went out. Bring the kids to their fav shop - Toys R Us. Choosing the Xmas gift tt Big Aunt and Grandma set a budget for. Happy to choose but both upset tt they have to wait til Xmas to open. So we ended up getting a small box to open at home. Kids are so fortunate nowsday with generous gifts on Birthdays and Xmas.

Sunday, only went grocery shopping for the week and back home to complete homework. Big gal managed to coach lil boy on all his homework and guide him along. A great helper I have at home as her ambition is grow up and be a MUMMY like me! Wahahah~

After she done coaching, she went off to finish her own homework for the week. Sweet gesture tho there is some hiccups as she coaches him. 

That's our Week 17!!

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Week 16 - Back to Routine once again (Friday)

We had missed out a full 10 days of learning at home. Reason being that Mummy went for a Girls trip to Bangkok last weekend. Came back to have #1 suffering from Stomach Flu, #2 having bad cough frm the Haze that suddenly went so high on saturday. So all of them, including grandma went to GP on Tuesday. Poor me, ended up seeing doctor too that night. Due to that, we stopped the lessons and focus on getting well first. 

Today was better for all. So since I am still keeping the kids from school due to some Stomach virus and HFMD case, as #1 has her K2 Grad concert this Sun, I quickly conduct lesson earlier. 

We had a short English lessons on Phonics to recap. Lil boy could managed on his own. So I guide my gal on the Picture Sequencing Sentence activity. There are 4 pictures and 8 sentences so she need to link the sentences in the correct sequence in accordance to the picture. 

We definetely practise reading as well. Then I leave her to the work. 

Lil boy read thru his assessment and complete the 3 pages on his own. Good job tho he still need to improve on his handwriting very much! 

Afterwhich, they took a break for fruits before asking me for Arts materials and started creating their pieces. (Oh, forgot to take the end results) They did some bookmarks and puppets with the ice cream sticks. Not bad. Then they were treated with a Movie - Home. 

Thereafter, we had a small break for tea. Then get them to recap their chinese words. No fancy new words, as still focusing on what was taught 10 days ago. My gal can rem all the words effortlessly. As for lil boy, he can remember 上下 大小 very well. As for numbers, he can recognise 一二三四五六 and tends to get a bit mixed up. But its alright, we can work on that slowly. 

After the writing, my gal went on to make cards while the lil boy entertain himself with all the lego pieces that he have been coming up with.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Week 15 - Impromptu Sentence Writing

We are still continuing our Weekly 5pm Chinese writing from last Thursday. Today I get them do a page from Maths Assessment and then do simple writing cum spelling. 

Since my gal need prep for Spelling tml, I decided to do an inpromptu Spelling - Writing short sentences for my boy. Short phonics words with some sight words in it. Results was satisfied as he can spell most of it, just that he a bit not focusing 100% on the sentences as he tends to missed out a word and I need to prompt a bit. 

My gal learn her spelling at the side on her own with the 'oil' and 'oin' sound words. She is fast though. So today's lesson ends in 40mins. Great! And Mummy can rest a short while.

Yesterday, Weekly 5pm chinese, I revised 一到十 for my boy. Good! He can write it, ermmm... I would say Satisfactory. But recognising them is not that good yet. My gal, on other hand, she is writing short sentences with 我. I think not bad though both isnt that good with recognising the words yet. 

Today I decided to do the same simple words for them. Taking small baby steps and also revising with them the words on the way. 大小上下. After completing, will get then to flip and read what they had written before. Not bad for today! All done in 15-20mins!!

Friday, October 16, 2015

Week 14 - 我们再来做习字!

Today we didnt do any learning as we used it for completing all their weekend homework. They had their usual English, Chinese, and my boy had Maths & Reader homework on top of it. Took quite fast to completing them as they are quite used to their homework routine every Friday. 

At 5pm, we continue our chinese word writing. Again a lot of 'voices' were heard. Negotiation, bargaining etc. But NO, mummy is not going to give in. We are keeping it Daily 5pm Work. Haha~

Today my gal finished it in 15mins time then went off to do some drawing. She did 哥妹 & 我是女孩。She can recognise all the words except 是 & 孩. Shall reinforce this 2 words before continuing next week. 

My boy continue on from 四五六七 to write 八九十. He had difficulty to write the 八 so we stopped a few times to correct his strokes. Practised his strokes alone etc. All in all, at least 45mins to complete although he only has 3 simple chinese characters. 

Today I went Daiso and gt this 2 simple Pocket Chart for holding their 'Words In Progress' flashcards. Bascially to reinforce and make them see the words and remember it. 

Lets try hard and see how far we can go! 

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Week 14 - Writing SENTENCES & 做习字

Today we continue practice writing and forming sentences. For my boy, I still focus on 'Filling in the blanks' to complete sentences. For my gal, I did Compound sentences today. She learns to use so, but & and. Not too bad for her first try as she managed to get all her sentences 'joined' correctly.

I gave her 12 strips, she completed 10 of them & learn her 听写 for tml as well. 

As for my boy, yes he detest writing and nag while he writes. In the end, he took 30mins just for 5 SENTENCES!! Yes, but it's ok cos there is a saying 'Practise makes Perfect!'

Today I started them on daily Chinese writing. Reason was I find both my kids don't like Chinese and also seriously, can't read Chinese storybooks as well. My girl started on the Chinese books, along with Hanyu Pinyin and she could decipher most of them to read. My boy is totally new to this. So I just started him on simple Chinese words.

As for my gal, long story short, I realized she hasn't been behaving well during Chinese lesson. She told me she doesn't like Chinese and even though she makes effort to learn her 听写 but that is all she does. So I tell myself, daily 30mins of Chinese writing and I will read 1-2 passage from the books. Once I completed Book 1, I think I can start Book 1 on my boy too. 

Oh, don't ask me why I don't start both of them, I was thinking of settling my gal first then start slowly on my boy. 

Monday, October 12, 2015

Week 14 - Forming Sentences (Monday)

Over last week and during weekends, I tried to prompt and 'test' my boys to spell CVC words. Meaning consanant vowel consanant words. He seems quite ready to starts spelling and this exercise comes in handy. 

Gotten the template from Sherryl Mummy again. She shared with me this activity she did with her girl, whom is my girl's classmate and I tot this will be a good trial for my boy. The sentences is simple and its made up of words that I have taught him before so it shouldn't be a prob. 

The activity made up of 3 sheets of 4 sentences each. For a start, he fill in the blanks for all the 3 sheets. Not bad but seeing that he keep using 'cars' (Yes, he is a cars fanatic) thus I ended up prompting some other CVC words. Good job! He spelt well!

After forming sentences, I wanted him to practise writing. Still find him copy-writing very poor. Thought of letting him practise on chalkboard. DISASTER! He kept on writing wrongly, missing out words etc. I called it a STOP much to his disagreements. Told him to practise more than next round can write better. (Think he sense he couldnt write properly so he didnt protest anymore! Ha~)

Finally after much scoldings on spacing and focus, he finally wrote it better on his 2nd attempt.

Meanwhile my girl practise 1 & 2 Timestable. Spin, using the answers, she need to find ?x? and do graphing. We ended up just writing the answers for all the sums. 

Afterwhich, I let her do simple maths sums. To find out quantity needed if total quantity is given. Realised she is a bit bad at this. Not bad!

Template for Maths Sum, download here