Thursday, October 15, 2015

Week 14 - Writing SENTENCES & 做习字

Today we continue practice writing and forming sentences. For my boy, I still focus on 'Filling in the blanks' to complete sentences. For my gal, I did Compound sentences today. She learns to use so, but & and. Not too bad for her first try as she managed to get all her sentences 'joined' correctly.

I gave her 12 strips, she completed 10 of them & learn her 听写 for tml as well. 

As for my boy, yes he detest writing and nag while he writes. In the end, he took 30mins just for 5 SENTENCES!! Yes, but it's ok cos there is a saying 'Practise makes Perfect!'

Today I started them on daily Chinese writing. Reason was I find both my kids don't like Chinese and also seriously, can't read Chinese storybooks as well. My girl started on the Chinese books, along with Hanyu Pinyin and she could decipher most of them to read. My boy is totally new to this. So I just started him on simple Chinese words.

As for my gal, long story short, I realized she hasn't been behaving well during Chinese lesson. She told me she doesn't like Chinese and even though she makes effort to learn her 听写 but that is all she does. So I tell myself, daily 30mins of Chinese writing and I will read 1-2 passage from the books. Once I completed Book 1, I think I can start Book 1 on my boy too. 

Oh, don't ask me why I don't start both of them, I was thinking of settling my gal first then start slowly on my boy. 

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