Saturday, October 3, 2015

Week 12 - Homework Day (Friday)

Usually Fridays are kept for doing homework from school. Every Friday, both of them will come home with 1xEnglish Homework, 1xChinese Homework & 1xStorybook Homework(my K1 only) 

This week, happen that both are doing English Phonics related to "sh" and as my boy was absent for his "ch" assignment, I made him finish it up as well which meant 4 pages of work and some whine! Ha~

Chinese homework usually is quite simple & straightforward. They just need to write or match words to picture then colour. Usually my gal will colour nicely whereby my boy refused. Recently my boy shown a bit of interest in drawing and colouring under influence from my gal. 

This week, I seen a BIG improvement in his Storybook reading homework. He seems to take more pride in drawing and even his Chinese homework, he insist to colour it! 

I think he did draw better now as I could roughly know what he wants to draw! Can you see?

Remember my CVC activity from Thursday? I found another good use to using them. I took out the CVC cards, with intention to just get my boy to draw cards and write then read. Practice handwriting & fluency. (Yes, very Kiasu mummy here) But I turn into a game of Scissor-Paper-Stone session.

My boy and hubby played Scissors-Paper-Stone, winner draws a card and read. If can read the cards, you get to own it. (Of cos we give a bit of chance la) Then when all the cards are drawn finished, they count and see who gets the most cards.

Meanwhile my gal was doing Word Forming, thinking of a word to start with all the 26 alphabets. And then she also want to have a challenge with Daddy.

This is how we make learning in a fun way which out the kids knowing that they are learning thru Playing! You can also try this idea with your kids.

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