Friday, October 16, 2015

Week 14 - 我们再来做习字!

Today we didnt do any learning as we used it for completing all their weekend homework. They had their usual English, Chinese, and my boy had Maths & Reader homework on top of it. Took quite fast to completing them as they are quite used to their homework routine every Friday. 

At 5pm, we continue our chinese word writing. Again a lot of 'voices' were heard. Negotiation, bargaining etc. But NO, mummy is not going to give in. We are keeping it Daily 5pm Work. Haha~

Today my gal finished it in 15mins time then went off to do some drawing. She did 哥妹 & 我是女孩。She can recognise all the words except 是 & 孩. Shall reinforce this 2 words before continuing next week. 

My boy continue on from 四五六七 to write 八九十. He had difficulty to write the 八 so we stopped a few times to correct his strokes. Practised his strokes alone etc. All in all, at least 45mins to complete although he only has 3 simple chinese characters. 

Today I went Daiso and gt this 2 simple Pocket Chart for holding their 'Words In Progress' flashcards. Bascially to reinforce and make them see the words and remember it. 

Lets try hard and see how far we can go! 

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