Sunday, October 4, 2015

Week 13 - Hazy Monday

Today PSI was high once againand my gal has been coughing since last week. Due to some irressponsible decision by the school to practise for K2 Grad Concert. 

Definetely understand that portion as they need to make sure everyone is in sync and so on but to me, child's health is more important. And majority of parents were not aware and never prepare any mask, including me. Upon seeing that scenario, shouldnt they forsake idea of going outdoor. Seriously with a PSI of 150+, Teacher tell me that they see the skies was quite clear and dont really smell haze so they went out with Principal permission?!? Nxt day Principal came to spoke to me upon hearing my displeasure, she said she was in a meeting and only aware after it happen. Win lor! So today my gal's bill at GP is $70+, who is paying? Me lo!

Anyway, no point crying over spilled milk. I have prepare a mask for in case of such incidents. On other hand, i remind the kids every morning that they should not go outdoor. And i also tell teacher that both my kids have sinus so pleaseeeee...

Today my gal, including me went to GP. So we do simple assessment, hands on learning then Roll Dice Activity that a lovely Mummy did for me. Kids had fun and my boy can READ! 

The kids even had some bonding time with Grandma "picking sticks". And savouring yummy Doggy cookies. 

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