Monday, October 12, 2015

Week 14 - Forming Sentences (Monday)

Over last week and during weekends, I tried to prompt and 'test' my boys to spell CVC words. Meaning consanant vowel consanant words. He seems quite ready to starts spelling and this exercise comes in handy. 

Gotten the template from Sherryl Mummy again. She shared with me this activity she did with her girl, whom is my girl's classmate and I tot this will be a good trial for my boy. The sentences is simple and its made up of words that I have taught him before so it shouldn't be a prob. 

The activity made up of 3 sheets of 4 sentences each. For a start, he fill in the blanks for all the 3 sheets. Not bad but seeing that he keep using 'cars' (Yes, he is a cars fanatic) thus I ended up prompting some other CVC words. Good job! He spelt well!

After forming sentences, I wanted him to practise writing. Still find him copy-writing very poor. Thought of letting him practise on chalkboard. DISASTER! He kept on writing wrongly, missing out words etc. I called it a STOP much to his disagreements. Told him to practise more than next round can write better. (Think he sense he couldnt write properly so he didnt protest anymore! Ha~)

Finally after much scoldings on spacing and focus, he finally wrote it better on his 2nd attempt.

Meanwhile my girl practise 1 & 2 Timestable. Spin, using the answers, she need to find ?x? and do graphing. We ended up just writing the answers for all the sums. 

Afterwhich, I let her do simple maths sums. To find out quantity needed if total quantity is given. Realised she is a bit bad at this. Not bad!

Template for Maths Sum, download here

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