Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Week 15 - Impromptu Sentence Writing

We are still continuing our Weekly 5pm Chinese writing from last Thursday. Today I get them do a page from Maths Assessment and then do simple writing cum spelling. 

Since my gal need prep for Spelling tml, I decided to do an inpromptu Spelling - Writing short sentences for my boy. Short phonics words with some sight words in it. Results was satisfied as he can spell most of it, just that he a bit not focusing 100% on the sentences as he tends to missed out a word and I need to prompt a bit. 

My gal learn her spelling at the side on her own with the 'oil' and 'oin' sound words. She is fast though. So today's lesson ends in 40mins. Great! And Mummy can rest a short while.

Yesterday, Weekly 5pm chinese, I revised 一到十 for my boy. Good! He can write it, ermmm... I would say Satisfactory. But recognising them is not that good yet. My gal, on other hand, she is writing short sentences with 我. I think not bad though both isnt that good with recognising the words yet. 

Today I decided to do the same simple words for them. Taking small baby steps and also revising with them the words on the way. 大小上下. After completing, will get then to flip and read what they had written before. Not bad for today! All done in 15-20mins!!

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