Saturday, October 31, 2015

Week 16 - Back to Routine once again (Friday)

We had missed out a full 10 days of learning at home. Reason being that Mummy went for a Girls trip to Bangkok last weekend. Came back to have #1 suffering from Stomach Flu, #2 having bad cough frm the Haze that suddenly went so high on saturday. So all of them, including grandma went to GP on Tuesday. Poor me, ended up seeing doctor too that night. Due to that, we stopped the lessons and focus on getting well first. 

Today was better for all. So since I am still keeping the kids from school due to some Stomach virus and HFMD case, as #1 has her K2 Grad concert this Sun, I quickly conduct lesson earlier. 

We had a short English lessons on Phonics to recap. Lil boy could managed on his own. So I guide my gal on the Picture Sequencing Sentence activity. There are 4 pictures and 8 sentences so she need to link the sentences in the correct sequence in accordance to the picture. 

We definetely practise reading as well. Then I leave her to the work. 

Lil boy read thru his assessment and complete the 3 pages on his own. Good job tho he still need to improve on his handwriting very much! 

Afterwhich, they took a break for fruits before asking me for Arts materials and started creating their pieces. (Oh, forgot to take the end results) They did some bookmarks and puppets with the ice cream sticks. Not bad. Then they were treated with a Movie - Home. 

Thereafter, we had a small break for tea. Then get them to recap their chinese words. No fancy new words, as still focusing on what was taught 10 days ago. My gal can rem all the words effortlessly. As for lil boy, he can remember 上下 大小 very well. As for numbers, he can recognise 一二三四五六 and tends to get a bit mixed up. But its alright, we can work on that slowly. 

After the writing, my gal went on to make cards while the lil boy entertain himself with all the lego pieces that he have been coming up with.

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