Sunday, November 8, 2015

Week 17 - Going SLOW with various activities

This week lil boy caught the Stomach Flu virus from my recovering gal over the weekend. Started vomitting on sun nite. Went GP on mon and still continue to vomit despite the med. We were all so worried as lil boy aldy couldnt eat well and still vomit after every meal. Poor him. So again, lessons were on hold for 2 days while I let my gal learn her Spelling and do some light crafts.

Wednesday lil boy was better so we did assessment book. 4 pages for him and her, learn her Spelling which she missed last week from school. Both can complete the assessment with minimal help. Great independence from all the harsh teachings. Ha~ 

Thursday, they did threading of beads as my gal wanna do some bracelet. So they spent the afternoon threading away. Good training for my boy as he always seems lacking in Motor skills. Cant even 'button' his own shirt or should I say LAZY?!? 

Friday, I was feeling down. (Yes, lately been not so well) So i didnt do their homework for the weekend. Left it for weekend to complete. They had a free afternoon for play. Lil boy and gal engrossed with Lego the whole afternoon. Creative play. At night, lil boy was building a tall tower with his blocks. The best investment ever, the blocks are lasting and durable. 

Saturday, we went out. Bring the kids to their fav shop - Toys R Us. Choosing the Xmas gift tt Big Aunt and Grandma set a budget for. Happy to choose but both upset tt they have to wait til Xmas to open. So we ended up getting a small box to open at home. Kids are so fortunate nowsday with generous gifts on Birthdays and Xmas.

Sunday, only went grocery shopping for the week and back home to complete homework. Big gal managed to coach lil boy on all his homework and guide him along. A great helper I have at home as her ambition is grow up and be a MUMMY like me! Wahahah~

After she done coaching, she went off to finish her own homework for the week. Sweet gesture tho there is some hiccups as she coaches him. 

That's our Week 17!!

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