Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Been a long time..................

Wow, it has been a long while since I blogged here. I used to blog vividly for my 2 kids when they were much younger. Now, I am just so busy with their daily needs and activities on top of the usual house chores and routine that I seriously seldom blog. To be exact, I used social media platforms like Facebook to post daily stuff and interesting things about them.
Recently I started doing some DIYs worksheets at home for them, on top of those free printables from web. I really salute those mummies who homeschool, blog and yet can DIY and share their wonderful templates. Bravo to them.
I created this dinosaurs worksheet templates lately for my boy. 5 Years old and he is not keen to sacrifice his cartoon time nor play time to do learning. Really a vast difference as compared to my 6 Years old girl. And yes, sidenote, both my kids are in kindergarten now. They are 6 and 5 years old. Times really flies and without knowing it, I am SAHM for almost 6 wonderful years!
This are the pictures of them using the printables from web for my 6 years old, doing 3 digit additions and my boy using my Dino template for simple addition within 10.

Here I am sharing the Dinosaurs Template, feel free to download and input ur own mathematical sums. Left it blank so mummies can laminate and reuse them for multiple use or even as it is.
As for my gal's 3-digit Addition, u can get it from FileFolderFun by clicking here to link back to the sire.