Thursday, October 1, 2015

Week 12 - About Phonics & Spelling (Thursday)

Today we revise Phonics with this wonderful CVC activity prompted by Sherryl Mummy. Thanks to her, I sometimes get reminded of teaching ideas that could have been used or I get fresh new ideas from her mostly too.. Enjoyed sharing and discussing as thru all this conversation, we get more ideas brainstorming together... 

I let my boy find the alphbets and spell as per the cards. Then I get him to write it as a form of practising his handwriting as well. (Oh his handwriting is ermmmmm...... atrocious!) After he do the spelling and writing, I get him to read what he has spelled and write. Good! His phonics skills still not "rusty". At the same time, my gal is practising her 听写 for tml. 

After my gal is done, she wants a similar activity. So I gave her the Word Family "Houses" and get her to form words with the sounding and read and explain the meaning to make sure she knows what she wrote. Good! Very good! She knows! For a short 10mins, she came up with all this. Not bad as she is kinda confused with "ack" & "ank". I had to explain twice to her. 

Got them from this website, a lot of freebies. Go browse thru.

At night, we practised with assessment book. My boy did 2 pages of his and my gal did 6 pages with her Time revision. 

As for yesterday, we also did assessment books. 

Afterwhich I got lil man to practise Pre-Primer Sight Word List and read some sentences. Need some prompting but I feel its of acceptable standard. 

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