Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Week 13 - Something NEW! Learning Multiplication

Today I introduce the Times Table and Multiplication sign to my gal since she need to start learning for tml's Spelling. Thought to myself was a simple activity and then focus on Spelling. 

Oh meanwhile, my boy also need to learn. This is the time when the Wipe Clean Sight Word folder comes to use. LOL~ He will write to fill the blanks and read all to me after he is done. So for a good 20mins I can focus on my gal. 

I use 'Sets of' to explain how to count in a simplier way. So for example: 2 x 2 = 2 sets of '||'. So she counts the number of sticks and totaled them up. She is doing a pretty good job as they have learnt how to count in 2s in school already. 

After dinner, we had some Dice Sight Game. The kids roll dice and move and attempt to read. Using their lego bricks, they get to stack on top of their bricks each time they get it right. (Oh, of cos we gave little boy some chance) A fun way to get my little boy in the act!

Want to have some fun? I got them from here... Enjoy!!!

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