Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Week 12 - Base Ten & Place Value (Tuesday)

Today I still continue Maths for my boy, need lots of revision for him in terms of Numbers within 20. Anything after that, he is only 70% sure of it so need LOTS of revision. I decided to incorporate with Base 10 Blocks and slowly let him know by looking at the blocks, he can recognize and know what number it represents.

I borrowed this 2 books at the library, Place Value is good for visual aids in teaching my boy and the Maths Sums is good for my gal to practise Reading, Writing and also Maths. 3 "birds" with 1 stone. And while she is at it, I can focus on my boy temporarily.

He can recognise them well, and match the correct Base 10 blocks to the correct number. But when addition in a "tricky" manner, he still don't really get the concept. I need to reinforce the concept and explain to him.

Before we started our lesson, we packed our Children's Day gift. Have you prep yours?

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