Sunday, September 6, 2015

DIY Portable Learning Case

Think last week, I chanced upon those Metal Case learning set for Sight Words. It comes with 220 Dolch Sight Word magnetic tiles which you can use for forming sentences as well as any learning activities you can think of. But guess the PRICE TAG?? $29 something with 20% discount for members. But still around $24 and I kind of don't want spend that kind of money. 

I decided to do the tedious way, with lots of love! I reuse the Pink compartment storage case which I bought a while back and it's unused, cut out the Magnetic Whiteboard Sheet from Daiso and use velcro to stick to box. I added mini whiteboard markers which Daiso sells 5 for $2! 

I used the Magnetic Adhesive Strips & Mini bricks for the words. I used excel to create the table, adjust alignment for the black & white words so they can fit the mini magnetic bricks. The colour coded are from Mr Printables. For the size I print out, I used 5 sheets by 5 sheets.

The link comes in black n white, colour coded too. If you use the magnetic strip, can go without the hassle of alignment for the mini magnetic bricks. I would recommend use the link for the words and magnetic strips.

I added my DIY Spinner, whiteboard markers and dice. They can use it to learn sight words, forming sentences, writing, maths or even HYPY for my 6Y. When they need a break, just use it for creative drawing, tic tac toe etc.

I am so gonna add more learning aids inside. Stay tune and I may conduct a Giveaway soon! Comment on post if you are keen!


  1. Hi hi yes I am keen on the portable learning case for my 4 years old ...thanks much.

  2. This is awesome!! Has set me thinking about how to start in making one :)

  3. This is awesome! Something out of the box! Very interesting way to teach my children.. I hope to own one!! Thx

  4. Thanks for sharing! May i know how does the colour-code words work to make/form the sentence?

    1. Hi Sharon,

      Color code as per the web is:
      Yellow - Pre-Primery
      Red - Primery
      Green - 1st Grade
      Orange - 2nd Grade
      Blue - 3rd Grade
      My perception is Pre-Primery (Nursery), Primery (Kindergarten), 1st Grade (P1), 2nd Grade (P2) & 3rd Grade (P3)