Friday, September 18, 2015

Week 10: About Me Writing & Learning TIME

Thursday we did English writing. Did a simple About Me writing with 3 sentence of self introduction for my 5Y and asked my 6Y to add on 3 sentences. After which, they get 1 pair of "eyes" to stick on their drawing and colour it. 

Got them worksheets in B5 size. They paste it in the book and do the assignment. 5Y will read and colour the star below the sight words he can read, and read the simple sentences for the pic below. Although after prompting then he read out Red & Yellow, he insist to colour the car on his own preference.

My 6Y did a short comprehension activity and also colour it after that. She can answer the questions but she didn't like long answers. Common signs but I explained that she need to answer it in whole, if not marks will be deducted next time when she goes P1. 

We start simple Time learning for my 5Y and revising it 1 more round with my 6Y. This time I encourage her to use her Skip counting in 5s instead of relying on the minutes marking on the clock. She basically got it all correct, except she need to build up her confidence in telling time. 

I taught my boy about hourly, make him recognize Hour and Minutes hand as well. Good job as he can adjust the "hands" to the correct hourly time I asked for. 

Friday, we finished up homework from school and enjoy a treat from Swensens. I was surprised to see K1 learning about Base 10 counting within 20! OMG! So fast and I thought I could on hold the Maths portion. It seems like I need to start some simple activity to reinforce th Base 10 since school is teaching now and it's still 'fresh' in their memory. 

Managed to even go thru Chap 3 of the Chinese I got for her too. Simple reading and intro 2 new chinese words - 跳绳.

I followed up tonight with Time Puzzle printables. My 5Y still doing hourly time matching whereas my 6Y to reinforce telling the time without the minutes marking. Good job for both of them.

We ended with 2 Phonics reader each to reinforce Letter sounding and blends for my 6Y as she quite reluctant on blending sounds for new words she can't read. As for my 5Y, it's revising thru reading. Liked this new set I ordered perviously as it is short and simple. Not too taxing for them to read after simple hands-on learning. 

Link for the Clock Filefolder is shared in this post

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