Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Week 10 - Interactive Maths Activity

Today we continue Maths, followed by simple Vowels-Word Family sounding with some sight words sentences together.

B4 I start, Decided to label their exercise. Looks good!

Lil boy did simple counting and writing on top of cutting and pasting. He still haven really developed the idea of colouring his work but he is happy and excited to be using colouring pencils for his work! Need some addition and Numerals & Numbers matching which I did for him previously. Rather fulfilling lesson after yesterday's 10 Frame. (Oh, i am not giving up. I am slowly going from 1 onwards. Stay tune!)

My gal did some Place Value and Base 10 blocks work. She colour happily, count and write. She understand the concept tt the blocks comes in 1s, 10s & 100s. But I haven got her to count or add beyond 100s yet. Thinking to take step by step.

Afterwhich she did this Roll Dice activity. She roll the dice for the 2digit number.

Then she will draw the blocks. Follow by writing them in words. Lastly in expanded form. She did it well. And I called it a day. Overwhelming learning might backfire. 

My boy did simple vowels sounding, simple 2-letter words reading, 3-letter words and then sight word sentences. Not bad. Think I can plan to finish up the Phonics assessment book 2 and go on to book 3 soon. (Big challenge as I haven read up on it)

For the interactive journal, i got it from here. Other than that, you can google for more ideas with keywords "interactive journals".

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