Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Weekend Learning Fun - Decoding Sight Words

Over the weekend, I changed my "materials" to entertain them while waiting during mealtimes or our kopi time. Bring out this set of Valentine Theme Decoding Sight Word cards. 

My boy wasnt so enthu though. My gal is having fun. Think anything to do with writing, he isnt so fond of doing. 

Ended up both drew a picture after finishing decoding the cards. 

To supplement my boy's Sight Word learning, I DIY my set of decodable cards. 1 thing I really like is that this activity allows their brain to think and practise their Letter Sounds. And using visual, they might be able to learn to spell the words and then remember how to read it. 

Here's them having some fun decoding Mummy's set of Decoding cards. And this week's new words to remember and learn!

Decoding Sight Word, download here for Set 2
Decoding Sight Word, download here for Set 3

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