Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Week 8 (Tuesday) - 我们来学华文!

Today I took out Book 1 of this 6 Book set that I bought previously. Main motive is to teach both kids together but plan changed, I decided to focus for my gal in order to prep her for P1. 

Basically, am getting her to be familiarize with reading in Chinese, as well as seeing how the HYPY is for each character. Main reason I like this books are because they are not as profound as the Book series - 四五快读. Previously I wanted to get that for them but hesitate as it is really a bit too "high" for their level, considering that I seldom do Chinese at home. 

This book is good and for a start since it is easy, I am doing 2 stories for today. New words are 一二三四 which she already knows. But I get her to do 习字 as a revision. I also dig out the word cards and punch them into a ring to "test"her as and when. This is quite good for a start. 

For my boy, as he is sick, I just did revision for Letter Sounds. Apparently there are some tricky words that I need to sound out slowly. He had problem with "drum", "tree", "question mark" etc. 

Link for above activity is here

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