Monday, September 21, 2015

Week 11 - Positional Words & "NEW" Wipe-Clean Sight Word Book

Today we do simple English Activity - Positional Words. Gotten them from It have many free downloads and sample of those Bundled topics too. Great for a "starter" lesson which you can supplement with assessment book activity. 

The kids start by sticking the 6 pictures, then cut out the "animals". I start off with a simple explaination of the words to be used on the blackboard.

My kids then attempt to read and slowly paste the correct animals accordingly. Get my gal to write a sentence with the new words to practise sentence building. My boy just copied the same sentence, after 2 sentences he almost gave up. So in order not to deter the learning spirit, we bargain to write the new words at least twice.

Both them complete their own worksheet. My gal did sentence constructing and my boy finish up Sight word activity and reading. Both did well and this time my boy offered to colour his work. Good start~

After dinner and shower, I took out the Wipe-Clean Sight Word Book that is prepared this afternoon. He revised 3 new words: Mom, Dad & She. Good practise for writing and reading the sentences with it.

The star chop reward is good. Cos my boy kept asking me if he can get "stars" from the homework! Anyway, if you keen in the Wipe Clean sightword activity, it is available here

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