Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Week 10 - Learning 10 Frames

Monday we had simple Phonics revision for the E-family & 1-20 number sequencing for my 5Y and Sentence Construction exercise from Assessment book for my 6Y gal. Simple and I think all did a great job on a Monday! 

Afterwhich Mummy shifted around the house and brings back the Easel board that was bought 4years+ ago when my gal was arnd 2Y. Good for writing the spelling words as well as Phonics family to read on ad-hoc basis. (Especially during Time Out)

Today I introduce 10-Frames to my boy and revise it for my gal. She was doing some Place Value and addition/subtraction Maths problem sums so I encourage her to use it to aid in counting. She managed to get it fast and use it well.

My boy initially was ok. But as I get him to do more sums, simple add/subtract, he seems to lost focus and cant draw the 10-Frame model properly. After getting angry a few times on repeating, I decided to call off a day. Shall reinforce again this week. 

I made use of my remaining time doing more DIY materials from online. This is 1 of them. Super love this Time Filefolder. 

If you are keen, here is the link.

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