Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Week 11 - Number Order (Wednesday)

Today I decided to use my new DIY template that I gotten the idea from Doodlebugs Teaching which I decided to customised to my kids' learning needs.
My 6Y is more advanced so I did slightly bigger numbers and venturing to the low 100s. My boy isn't that great with his number sense so I did 1 set of smaller number within 20s, 2 sets of Skip counting in 2s and 5s. (which the 5s will come in handy when he starts to learn the minute hands)
I started off with simple explaination of Least = Less and Great = More, using single digit to show examples and got them to write down in their mini whiteboard. OK, idea was wonderful for my girl as she grasp and started off to her activity. Idea didn't go that well, I wonder is it because he cant visualise the numbers. So I let him try the set with numbers within 20s.

It did works well for a while, with my 6Y progressing to the 2nd set of activity which involves some addition or subtraction sums. My boy is still struggling. And he starts having trouble after 20 as he isn't that "good" with his numbers which needs more drill and practise.
I took out the DIY Base blocks that I did previously. I compare the blocks, sorting out the same ones, asking him to count the balance (which will left with smaller numbers) to decided ultimately which is bigger and smaller. He got it but still....... (his attention span is still very SHORT)

Nonetheless, it works very well with my girl and she is doing a lot better which is a consolation to me at least. For my boy, I need to work hard and harder! Below are the 2 sets of the DIY printables I made.
1st set: It comes with 6 sets of numbers. As I mentioned above, there is 3 sets specifically for those starting out with Numbers, (1) within 20s, (2) Counting in 2s and (3) Counting in 5s. The child will arrange the number as per the board from (1) Least to Greatest or (2) Greatest to Least.

2nd set:  It comes with 4 sets of Mathematical sums in 4 different groups. 2 for my K2 and 2 sets which is within 20s for my K1. What the child need to do is to finish the sum, record the answers on the small cards. Finally to arrange them in the order from (1) Least to Greatest or (2) Greatest to Least. Simple as that.
On Tuesday, We did simple counting and Revision on Addition and also counting on Base Blocks for my 5Y. This is what we did.
For my girl, She already started to do problem sums (which I told her from next exercise onwards, she need to answer in sentence which I think will be good for practising sentence constructing). After that on Time, Greater and Lesser as well as the Number Order.

To download the link for Number Order Template, here it is.



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