Monday, July 6, 2015

Teaching Sight Words - Week 2 (Lesson 1)

I come up with my short story to encourage reading after familiarising with the words taught last week. I supposed it is slightly easier as I can out the "familiar' words in the short story and he can learn to "register" the words faster than picking a pre-reader level book. (But definitely I will keep reading with him the storybooks too)
It is a simple 4-page mini book that includes the words - The, And, I, Can, And, See, A. Gradually I hope to be able to get them to create their own mini storybook after each learning session. It is beneficial to my #1 as she can practise for writing stories which she might be using this skill in primary school life.
Monday are usually spent on finishing their homework from Friday's Chinese enrichment class. Tuesday - Thursday are the time I can get to spend with them. So hopefully I can incorporate more words to their "Library".

His 1st attempt to read my customised Mini Book. Good job and I think we are getting somewhere. I have created a version for Boy and Girl for download.

For 4-pg mini book (Boy version), download here
For 4-pg mini book (Girl version), download here


  1. Bravo! Spurs you on to want to do more doesn't it? ;)

  2. Hi homeschoolsg
    Yes, definitely. I am gonna show them how much I "homeschool" them in my way when they grow up next time. U have a great blog! I gonna follow you for more ideas! Thanks for popping by.