Thursday, July 9, 2015

Teaching SIght Words - Week 2 (Reading Story with Picture Aid) & K2 Number Bond

I realised that as I proceed on to teach more words, I need to use more unfamiliar words that he isn't able to read yet. Therefore it occur to my mind that I came across storybooks with pictures that substitute for the words. It actually aids in helping the child to read the familiar words first and recognising them, and for the more 'profound' words, the pictures allows the child to guess what is the word.

Therefore I came up with my own version of the mini Picture storybook for a trial run. Using back the same story, I transform some of the words he had difficulties reading yesterday into pictures and lets try it again to see how he fare. He definitely can relate to the words faster in his reading.
After doing that book, I ask him to practise Copying from the book. I heard from Teacher that they are training the children to learn copying from blackboard and apparently my boy is still slow but at least he is completing his homework in school. I even use a timer to spur his competitiveness.

And perhaps I was too excited about the new book, I introduce the mini Picture Storybook : In, Out, Day, Night, We, Go. He did show some difficulties in reading. Okok, I goe the cue! I will slow down a bit here. We will practise all this 3 books for now til he is better at it. Meanwhile we should also do some other learning. And he did said that he is tired from today's lesson. He said, "Mummy you used up all my energy!"

Jiejie was learning sentences construction and I realised that she can form and understand the words quite well that she got a bit bored after using them for 30mins. So instead of drilling the same englishg reading and writing, I decided to do some Maths with her today.

But before we do Maths, I did a simple spelling learning for next Wednesday with her. I link up the similar points in the words to make learning it simpler and easier. I coloured the similar alpha etc. Pardon me as I nvr taught them phonics and I don't know about phonics too. But it was colourful and fun.
my messy explanation
Number bonds, to teach her the bonds of Ones and Tens. Hopefully she can faster learn to add Ones first, then Tens and no need to go thru the ordeal of counting them one by one.
Example of Number Bond
Therefore, I decided to do some practise with her by printing out some additions and subtractions. For me, personally I feel that most children have problems with subtractions than additions. Do you?
In school, I learnt that they learn with drawing pictures to show the tens rather than in numbers thus I had to have to prep for a lot of patience when I was explaining to her since it was our very FIRST time trying something new together.

 Therefore I used the simple Bond exercise and haven introduce using the Bond to do Addition and Subtraction. I have included the blank worksheet template and also the simple worksheet I created for her. She did well separating the Ones and Tens.

To download mini Picture Storybook (II) & mini Picture Storybook : In, Out, Day, Night, We, Go, click here
To download Number Bonds Worksheet, click here
To download NUmber Bonds Worksheet (Blank), click here

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