Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Week 3 - More sight words learning (Tuesday)

Today we did a Sight Word Hunt. Lovely mummy helped me get the magnifying glass from Daiso as I kept either forgetting it or couldnt find it. Ha~

Finally I can put the Sight Word Hunt to use. Just google and type "Sight Word Hunt" and you will see many templates. Download the one that us suitable and print it for some fun time. 

My kids search for the words, ticked it. Afterwhich I tried to teach him to read it and then write it once. Not really gonna imposed much spelling on him but at least some handwriting practise.

I was going thru the Spelling for my gal and thus I did a surprise Spelling for my boy as well. Asked him to spell some of the sight words he knew - Rayshon, he, the, she, that, his, of, all, at, it & had. But the terrible part, I asked him to write "Rayshon can see". He make my blood pressure goes UP UP and UP. He writes "c" for "see"!!! Plus the a-z was all mixed up in wrong directions!

In the end, punishment for him. He writes A-Z in upper and lower case. Haiz... Stressful day of 40mins lesson!

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