Thursday, July 30, 2015

Week 3 - Reading with Word Family readers (Thursday)

I borrowed this set of Word Families reader from my mummy fren. She printed this previously from Just google for Word Families reader and you should be able to find it.

Since I only intro AT, AM and AN recently, I decided to try the readers for this. My boy could easily read the AT reader. Minimal reminder on the AT sound. 

When it comes to AM, he need repeated reminder for the AM sound. I did the activity twice, then we took a break. After which, we use the Word Family Slider that I prepare previously from MakeTakeTeach blog. Just google cos I don't usually keep links. 

My boy was thrilled to use it. I did a revision after their cartoon break. He can read the AM reader better. Then I leave the Word Family slider folder to the kids. They each took out 1 word family slider and slowly attempt to read. 

This is a fun way to reinforce the learning so far. Give it a try!

I took out my List of Sight word, use the phonics sounding method for some 3-4 letters word. Not bad, I could see the improvement. See the words circled in ORANGE and guess how thrilled I am.

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