Monday, August 3, 2015

Week 4 - Revision AT, AN & AM family (Monday)

Today we did a quick revision for both my boy and girl. As I will be following up on my boy's Sight Word List and also on my girl's Hanyu Pinyin. Yes, I will be teaching longer as of this week. 20mins on English, each additional 15mins for Sight Words/Phonics for my boy and HanyuPinyin with Chinese reading for my girl. Tough to be a mummy nowadays.

Today I took my Filefolder which I have prepared much earlier on. I printed from here. It has AT, AN, AM which I taught  earlier on and a new family ET. I used my DIY dice, wrote At, an, am & et. Both will take a turn to roll the dice and pick up 1 card on the Word Family the dice shows. Sound and blend and put into the correct family pocket. After few rounds, I shuffled the cards and give 1 card to each of them per turn. Both can blend the 3-letters word effortlessly. Most amazed is my boy. I am proud of myself for his results!

After which I spent 15mins to go thru Sight Words List 1 as he still have 6 words stucked. No choice, we go thru the word formation again as it's the fastest way for him to remember the word. And yes, again this method showed results and effectiveness!

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