Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Week4 - Hands on mini book (AT, AN) & Reading Sight Word Readers

Since this week is short due to upcoming National Day long weekend, decided to blog down what else we have done for the week.

Tuesday, we had hands on for lil boy while my gal is busy with her Spelling learning for Wednesday. This week's spelling is tough with all the Q-words. She is having a hard time and we are practicing more frequent. Meanwhile, lil boy colour, cuts out the correct picture and stick to the correct mini books. He will also say out the picture and try to spell them. Bravo! He managed to spell all with minimal help. 

Wednesday, we do a revision on all the Letter Sounds on his Phonics Book 1. He managed to say the word, identify the correct beginning sounds. Gave him a break afterwards. A remarkable thing to share was the aid of Phonics videos. He can blend them quite well, as compared to reading the Phoncis reader. Guess interactive learning is more effective for him.

Later part of the day, we revise by reading the Sight Word readers that I downloaded. Only downside was he complained that it was not in colour. He mentioned he prefer it in colour. Ok, point noted and taken. Good thing is he can read them on his own. Improvement!

Mini Book - Word family is downloaded here
Sight Word readers - downloaded here

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