Friday, August 21, 2015

More teaching materials done

Been real busy this week as Hubby went for a Knee Reconstruction op and I have to juggle daily chores, meals, kids and him. Therefore this week, we only have 2 actual lessons. 

Again, today we had no lessons thus I thought I go and prepare the materials that I have KIV-ed previously so I could use them next week or if possible over the weekends. 

I like this Penguin Theme printable from TeachersPayTeachers. I printed it out with intention for my boy. Will be a good practise, as well as revision for him to blend the words. 

Then with ideas from Mummy Sherryl, I print this template out. Mummy Sherryl uses this to teach Odd/Even number, addition, subtraction, spelling and also place value all in 1 activity. Super like her idea and think it would work well for my 6Y first. Mummy Sherryl has a blog that she updates her teaching journey as well. You can link the link above to pop over.

And I created this template after seeing her using them with her kids. She uses it to do number bond, addition etc. Thus I thought I jus do a blank template, uses it for addition and subtraction. It will work as a practise for my gal but a learning activity for my boy. 

And this website that Mummy Sherryl shared with me. I printed this for more dice activity. At the same time can teach addition and also "greater" or "smaller" than. Not bad right. Really loved the sharing of ideas I have with Mummy Sherryl. 

And lastly, i created more blank spinner templates. Will definetely be using them for more upcoming interesting activities.

 I do have the PDF to share for all above materials done up today. If you are keen, drop a comment then I will find time to include them. Meanwhile, have a great weekend ahead.

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