Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Week 7 (Tuesday) - Spinner & HYPY for Irisa

Been wanting to try this Spinner with HYPY learning for my gal. Her HYPY very bad and keeps mixing up with phonics. So I tot of using some learning activities that will leave a deeper impression on her. 

Initally I did a b, p, m, f wheel with a, o, e, i, u wheel. After spinning twice, I tot it would be good to focus on 1 PY at a time. So we use "b" + a, i, u, ao, ai, ing, ang. She slowly add 2 sounds but still unable to sound out. Its ok for the 1st trial and i will repeat this activity til she is good at it. Baby step at a time.

My boy is still doing Maths. Practising addition and subtraction. Day 2 and he seems to be getting better. Taught him to use drawing lines to add and subtract. Good job. Next we can move on to 20 and beyond.

This morning we even practise with Maths set while we did a Mummy & Son breakfast bonding time!

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