Monday, August 3, 2015

Journey to Chinese Reading & HYPY - Lesson 1

For my English learning, I numbered them by weeks. So for my Chinese learning journey, I will number them by Lessons. Today marks my 1st Lesson!

I used a chart that shows the different sounds of the HYPY. With a transparency, so I could keep reminding on the 4 different tones of the HYPY. Coupled with the basic Chinese storybooks that I have gotten long ago, we start our 1st lesson. 

Today we will read and get used to the HYPY while waiting for the HYPY book & the 识字本 to come in so that I can start on writing the "Sight/Frequent-used" Chinese characters. We read 4 pages, for 3 times. Emphasizing on the 4 different tones, the blends of the different sounds. Wow, no easy task but we will overcome it by learning together! Jia you!

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