Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Week 6 - Word Family Revision & Dice Math Game

Another fun activity. I actually ordered this special dice for maths fun. And since I feel that my gal is a bit slower in subtracting, i asked her to roll 2 dice and use the bigger number to subtract the smaller number. Record down and I will check for her later.

As for my boy, I throw him 3 Word Family - IN, OP, OT. He will use the slider and record the words he form, afterwhich he have to read all the words to be. He is very good in it and he seems to improve on his speed to read as well.

After he is done, he also do simple addition with the dice. Max up to 6. He also have to learn the symbol for "+" & "=" and record down for me as well. The dots on the dice helps him to count bigger number as well. Not bad for a first since I am always focusing on his phonics and sight words.

Else than my gal practising Subtraction, we do the first 3 韵母 of HYPY - a, e, o and the 4 different tones too. Practise by writing each PY once and reciting the 4 different tones. Then we call it a rest as I want to take it slow.

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