Saturday, August 22, 2015

Our 1st Busy Bags Exchange (for 3-5 years old) & GIVEAWAY

Today I participated in my very first Busy Bags Exchange for Children aged 3-5 years old. We were divided into different topics to work on. Each of us will do up 11 bags (including our own bags) for the exchange. Then we will return home with 11 different busy bags (including the one we made too!)

This busy bags was initiated by a member, Janice Ong from a Facebook Group - Preschool Resources. It was organised and planned by both Janice and the Group admin Edmund. Thanks for the great effort! Am honored to have a chance like this to participate and have fun!

I did a Fishing game, fishing magnetic alphabets to match the 
1) beginning sound of the Picture chart
2) capital letters to capital letters chart (match the same alphabets)
3) capital letters to the small letters chart

I got some mini plastic fishing rods, small sizes Capital letters and find some pictures online to do up the A-Z Picture chart. Print the 3 chart in 4R size for easy to bring out. Once the child outgrow the game, they can easily use it for spelling game or any other activities. 

In return, I got this lovely bags from the mummies!

Magnetic Shape with Whiteboard by Mummy Corinna
Child suposedly can follow the printout to form the shapes. Alternatively can use it to identify shaoes, compare sizes of the shapes or even use it to teach Left/Right/Top/Bottom by asking them to place the magnets at the position asked.

 Coloured Ice Cream Stick by Mummy Linda
Level 1 : To match correct colour of the ice cream sticks
Level 2 : Slot the correct "spelled" colour into the correct coloured pockets. Sticks comes in capital and small letters

Matching Capital and Small letters Puzzle by Mummy Tricia
Match the "head" with Capital letter to the "leg" with small letter and add in the "tee" with the correct picture that begins with the alphabets.

Geo Shape by Daddy Edmund
To form the shapes with the cards on the board. Great for motor skills.

Crack-an-Egg by Mumy Felvira
Its for motor skills training. Child can crack the egg, cook the egg, flip it, "tong" it and squeeze it back to the egg!

Counting/Addition game by Mummy Joleen
Child can use the counting beads to assist in the adding, the arrow head can be remove so child can connect them to the correct sums on the "body"
Can even sort into Odd or Even.

Begining Sound matching from Mummy Yvonne
Child can either use the chips to place it in the correct "circle" or even use a whiteboard marker to write the answer. Can erase and reuse many times!

 Pizza making by Mummy Yenifer 
Child gets a pan (brown), crust (yellow), sauce (red), cheese (cheesy yellow) and many types of toppings. Child can either play with the toppings based on their imagination or operate a pizza stall with some "maths" fun for YOU to order a pizza with specific amount of mushroom, olive, capsicium and so on.

Spelling Game by Mummy Rebecca
Child gets A-Z cloth pegs. Child can use the word or picture side for spelling. Younger kid can begin with the word side to find the correct alphabets. After a few rounds they can use the picture side to spell based on memory. The picture and word are stick on, so we can always replace them. Thanks for the thoughtful gesture!

Maths counting (10 Frames) by Mummy Soo Ling
Child can learn about 10 frames, addition, following the book guide to place the counter into the frames. There are also addition cards as well. Very nice!

Dear all, stay tune to see more updates on how I use the materials that I received today on my kids learning journey! I had fun, did you?

To celebrate, I am giving away 3 sets of the Busy Bags that I've made for the exchange. Are you keen to own it? Just follow my blog, like my page on facebook and leave a comment after you are done. Draw starts now til 2359hrs of Aug 31 2015. Have fun!
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  1. Done! Looking forward to the busy bag! (: thanks Priscilla (:

  2. Hi, I completed three steps. Looking forward to keep with my son busy with the busy bag.thanks.

  3. Thank you for the giveaway. I have completed all the 3 steps.