Monday, August 24, 2015

Week 7 (Monday) Let's do Maths!

Today we did Maths instead of the usual English lesson. I realized I haven't been focusing much on Maths and especially my boy, he is quite poor in counting beyond 14! He will mixed up the sequence but still get to the end. As for my gal, she is exceptionally poor in Subtraction, and also want to do 2-digit Addition with her as well. 

I used Number Parts method to teach her how to add 2-digits. I part the 2 numbers into Tens and Ones. She will learn to add the Tens and then the Ones and combine them together. Should the Ones add up to 2-digit, she will divide again and add to the Tens and Ones. I find it clearer to explain to her than to do the traditional "Working" for now. 

She managed to grasp it. And we didn't touch on Odd and Even yet. I thought it will be good to touch on after she is good at 1 topic then we move on. After which, she proceed to do simple Subtraction on the new Maths set that I have gotten from my Spree recently. Her subtraction is not so good as she tend to overlook the mathematical signs. Very careless.

As for my boy we do a simple activity to introduce the Mathematical signs and how to form a Mathematical sentence. We roll the dice, take the number tiles to form the Mathematical sentence. He will need to solve the sum and need cross out the answer from the Ice Cream sheet. 

Then we use the number tiles to teach Ascending and Descending from 1-10. And we did some simple mathematical sum with the tiles too. He also had a try with the Activity sheet. We had fun with Maths, what about you?

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