Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Week 5: Back to learning after LONG weekend

After the long weekend, I decided to take it a bit slow. I printed the O books for this week, as well as a decodable reader - I Can Hop. For my gal, I randomly download a Maths printable from www.teacherspayteachers.com and give it to her. Jus Google Number Bonds or Maths under Kindergaten and you will see a lot.

Before I continue on today's lesson, I wanna share a website that I really love that I stumbled upon recently. "www.readinga-z.com" By chance, I was searching for free printables, I stumbled upon this web. Only cons was that it didn't allow you to download for FREE but you can set up an account for 14-day trial and you have a limited "amt" of stuff to download. I personally like the decodable books and high frequency words books. Go take a look!

Today, we revise all the A word family with his phonics book. He can complete all and spell on his own. I think he is ready for the next family. We proceed to O. (A bit regret cos I think I should follow the sequence of A E I O U cos some of the phonics reader for O, aldy incorporate the Is and Es family so..... Pls take note)

He can read the reader for OP/OT but since it's his first reading such a long and lengthy story, I need more patience and also more time for him to read. He did appear to have some difficulties but he is still able to read it. Very good. So for now, I will bring him thru the O family and then skip back to E. 

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