Thursday, August 13, 2015

Week 5: Reading and Starting O family.

On Wendesday, I discovered a fun eLearning web. Actually not newly discovered, it's just that I didn't explore it previously. There a are quite a few fun and interesting Phonics/Sight word games great for revision for my 5Y boy, as well as Maths games for my 6Y gal.

Wednesday, we did Phonics assessment on OP/OT/OG for my boy. Afterwhich, I was busy doing the new Chinese assessment with my gal. We took a long while as I want her to figure out how to read the words by using the Hanyu Pinyin. Tedious process!

Thursday, we went library to return the Timmy & Tammy range of books. My 6Y gal loves to read them. Today we got another 3 books, as well as a Mermaid book she choose and 1 more reader that I choose for her. As for lil boy, I choose 3 Lvl 1 books, and he managed to read 1 of it by himself. Below are the snapshot of the book. Though it's a simple book but I am very much encouraged that from cannot read to slowly learning to READ! 

We even spent some time doing a Sight Word games from List 1, then proceed to do eLearning for both of them. Reading/Phonics as well as Maths.

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