Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Week 6 - Spinning for Sight Word (Monday)

This week I found a new way to learn thru FUN. Yes, fun and play comes along beside Learn! I think that is the most effective way to leave a deeper impression on a kid's mind!

I DIY-ed together with Mummy Sherryl on doing a Spinner. Then i saw this Spin a Sight Word activity and I immediately download and print it out. Printed in a smaller size so I can use them even when in the car, while waiting for meals to be served outside or even on train rides.

The list 1 is easy feat as my boy already finished List 1. So I sort of let him spin and cross out all those he can read in the respective colour groups. And he did a good job. Time to move on to List 2.

I found a template which is blank and used it for her to spin and learn Spelling. Spin and write the word and read. Fun!

Spin a Sight Word - can be downloaded here

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